School Clubs

Sport is so important because it encourages children to be active, lead a healthy lifestyle, make friends and, of course, have fun!

Develop, discover and enjoy!

At JSC we are passionate about teaching sport. Our goal is to give children a positive and fun sporting experience, inspiring their love of sports and exercise from a young age.

We believe this is an important part of their education and significantly contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Children really look forward to our after school clubs, which are always high energy and focused on teaching and progressing their skills and aptitude in a variety of sports.

Why Choose a Junior Sports Coaching After School Club?

Well firstly because we have lots of FUN!

And also because our professional, enthusiastic and DBS checked coaches, know how to get the best out of the children they work with. All of our after school clubs work to:

  • Instil a love of sport and physical activity
  • Provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment to learn and practice in
  • Introduce to a wide range of sports activities and skill sets
  • Promote teamwork and fair play
  • Improve fitness and educate about healthy lifestyles
  • Encourage participation and making new friends

Plus every child receives a certificate of achievement at the end of each term.

Working with schools

We have a great working relationship with many local schools and both our after school clubs and holiday clubs are always very well received by children and parents alike.

After school sports clubs, run by our qualified coaches, are a great way to encourage physical activity, promote teamwork and introduce new sports and activities into your school.

Since we work with many schools in the local area, JSC are always keen to encourage inter-school sports activities and often run sports activities and end of term competitions with other schools. We have found that these competitions and the certificates of achievement are things that the children really get a lot out of and they work wonders in promoting their sense of self-belief and confidence.

If you would like to find out more about our exciting range of after school clubs, you can give us a call on: 01202 054088 or email us at:

Alternatively if your child’s school already runs a JSC after school club you can book online