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JSC proud owners of Icon Q…

ICON Q is primarily a football training aid, however JSC has already taken it to the next level!

We have been using it for Dodgeball, speed & agility, hockey and also cricket.

We aim to incorporate the ICON into PE lessons as well as our popular football sessions.

The Q can be hired as well, so if you run a local football, cricket, hockey team etc then this could be for you!


The ICON Q has been developed to bridge the gap between the elite level of training and the grass roots.

The Q has been compared to the ‘modern day wall’ which famously has been the early catalyst of many professional football players careers from just practicing against a wall. However, the technology enables detailed performance analysis using a scoreboard system and this has been proven to keep players enthused and creates an addictive environment for a practice culture. With its adaptability, the Q has an unlimited range of training modes, based upon 8 innovative light sequences programmed to maximize enjoyment and improvement.

The Q takes 5 minutes to set-up, can be transported in the back of a family car and is ideally suited to those wanting the flexibility of having the ICON technology, but having the ability of transporting it to a variety of locations regularly, including football camps and academies.