Primary PE & Sport Premium

At JSC we believe every child matters!! We are so happy to be able to offer them specialist sports coaching from a young age!!

JSC are now using a new and improved app (PE Passport) to help deliver outstanding & Ofsted approved PE Lessons

Our Government is committed to improving the provision of physical education and school sports in our primary schools and at JSC we think this is a wonderful thing. A variety of funding has been made available to schools to help encourage a passion for sports and this is something JSC thoroughly enjoy doing.

We believe that physical education and school sports play a vital role in our children’s education and we see this on a daily basis. The work of our DBS checked coaches helps to contribute to the development of children through participation, as well as building and expanding on key values such as respect, co-operation and kindness towards themselves and others.

JSC follow a comprehensive directory of detailed plans supported by videos and resources, that provides coaches with the tools to deliver active, fun and challenging lessons in line with the National Curriculum

Working with the children and seeing their ability, confidence and enjoyment of sport grow is very rewarding and is something that all of our coaches excel at.

We welcome the opportunity to work with local schools, so if you’d like to find out more about the provision we offer, please contact us on: 01202 054088 or email us at: