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☀️Summer Residential Review 2018 ☀️

JSC Summer Residential 2018

This year we had 26 sleepers and over 40 children on the days!

On Monday all the boarders arrived at 9:00am and meet in the games room for a chat and to get to know each other! 10:00am the children staying for the day arrived and we headed over to the field, where we done a number of games including, huba-luba, rock, paper, scissors, football and dancing!!

12:15pm was time to head back for lunch where we had chicken nuggets; herb diced potatoes and baked beans, followed by a popular choice of choc-ices!!

In the afternoon we ventured into the woods and played jailbreak!

3pm the Children staying for the day went home so it was time to unpack and have a bit of free time in their rooms. It was lovely to see everyone playing and including everyone in their games.

Dinnertime quickly came around where we had sausage rolls, fish fingers, stuffed jacket potatoes, peas and carrots, finished with fruit fool.

Back into the wood we headed for fire making! Everyone managed to get their fires going so they could toast marshmallows for smores! We then had a large campfire that we all sat around sharing stories and singing songs! It was then back to the boarding house for washing and cleaning teeth before heading to sleep!! (Well some of them did, others spent a long time chatting away)


7am was the official wake up call, not that many needed that apart from some of the coaches  🙂 Children then got changed and ready to head over to breakfast for 8am where we had Bagels, toast, bacon, egg, beans and cereals. Everyone seemed to love this breakfast, as there were a few children that went up 4 times for more bacon!! Back to the boarding house to do teeth and get ready for the morning activities, which took, place on the field again. Activities included ‘Rob the bank’, Football; Capture the flag, Tennis, Spinning disks. Lunchtime saw us having a BBQ where the children loved heading outside to get their hotdogs, burgers and salad. Finishing it of with a tub of vanilla ice cream!! After lunch some children went into the great hall to have a glow in the dark disco with glowsticks, and others went into the woods and split into teams and built dens! A couple of games of Man Hunt and it were time to head back to the boarding house to have chill time and get ready for dinner!! Roast Beef was on the menu for dinner with chocolate pots for dessert, which went down a treat!! Back into the woods we headed where children finished of their dens from earlier whilst we got the campfire going for the final time! Smores were being eaten and sticky fingers were everywhere, Ed Sheeran made an appearance also know as Elliott Smith. Everyone was sing and dancing along and the fire was changing colours with magic dust, what a lovely way to spend the last evening. It was then time to head backing to the boarding house where everyone was tired and went of to sleep rather quickly this night (coaches were happy because they got some sleep too).


7am wake up call turned into a 7:30 wakeup call, everyone was still in bed!! 8am we were over having the final meal in the dining room Sausages, hash browns, toast and beans were on the menu today. Back to the boarding house to pack and get everything ready before heading to the WW1 Bunker where we had a feel of what it would have been like, we had the speaker blasting out sirens, planes and bombs. The lights were turned off and some facts were given out about the war. After this it was one final game of capture the flag in the woods. Then back to the boarding green to play Splat! Whilst waiting for parents to arrive. What an epic 51 hours, Thank you to everyone who made it a success and we are looking forward to next year! Roll on Summer Residential 2019!!!